How to Title Your Book

Very helpful! My manuscript title has changed each draft!

Some authors find titling their book easy. Others struggle with the process. I’m definitely an “other.” Recently, I went through the surprisingly drawn out process of coming up with a title for my manuscript. Over the past four years, my manuscript has changed names three times; a book syndrome known as, Ye Old Identity Crisis. For two years it was called, Ghost Book, because that was literally the best I could do. Later, I realised all my characters were Haunted by mistakes made in their respective pasts. Get it? Haunted + ghosts = title that works on two levels? Yeah okay, I know, I know. You don’t have to tell me twice. That’s why I changed it.

In brainstorming a new title, I came up with the following method. Maybe it will be help for you too.

  1. Themes, keywords and symbols

    I know this step may seem obvious, but have…

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